Venetian Facade No.1, Pastel, 24 x 35cm        Kepler Track, NZ, Pastel, 28 x 48cm        Artist's Promenade, San Marco, Pastel, 52 x 38cm        First Glimpse Of The Ocean, Bribie Island, Pastel, 57 x 38cm        Gondolas In Canal Alley, Venice (triptych), Oil, 76 x 76cm each        Alexandra Headland Dawn No.4, Pastel, 50 x 100cm        Henzell's Chapel, Pastel, 80 x 40cm



Ellery Creek Big Hole, Pastel, 59 x 70cm        View From Flat Rock, Pastel, 45 x 25cm        The Walter Taylor Bridge, Pastel        Yamba Coast, Pastel, 60 x 41cm        Sandgate Jetty, Pastel, 30 x 110cm        Farming Property, Dayboro, Pastel, 62 x 41cm        Kobble Creek In Flow, Pastel, 24 x 45cm



Palm Meadows Wedding Gazebo, Pastel, 45 x 27cm        Riverside Outlook, Oil, 40 x 30cm        Tropical Island, Pastel, 95 x 60cm        Mooloolaba Beach, Oil, 61 x 45cm        Sails Resort Vista, Pastel, 65 x 40cm        Outback Dunny, Pastel, 16 x 23cm        Currumbin Beach Panorama, Pastel, 105 x 40cm



Hell's Gates, Noosa, Pastel, 42 x 30cm        The 'Doctor's Special', Pastel, 40 x 30cm        Ferrari 355 Spider, Gouache, 36 x 21cm        Lamborghini Diablo, Gouache, 36 x 21cm


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