Farewell Fotini, Pastel, 100 x 60cm        Geisha Unveiled, Oil, 76 x 76cm        Gondolas In Canal Alley, Venice (triptych), Oil, 76 x 76cm each        Wellington Point Jetty, Pastel, 41 x 100cm        Wellington Point Jetty No.2, Pastel, 41 x 78cm        Wellington Point Jetty No.3 (People's Choice Award, Creativo Arts Gala 2011), Oil, 51 x 76cm        Beach Puzzle (Highly Commended, Live Life Villages Art Prize 2010), Oil, 76 x 91cm



Glass Shell, Pastel, 48 x 66cm        Freestylin' Chess, Oil, 76 x 76cm        Abstruse Seaside No.1, Pastel, 45 x 64cm        Abstruse Seaside No.2, Pastel, 47 x 64cm        Abstruse Seaside No.3, Pastel, 100 x 70cm        Abstruse Seaside No.4, Pastel, 45 x 64cm        Beached Lily, Pastel, 40 x 57cm



Apples (still life), Pastel, 45 x 34cm        Flight Of The Mind, Pastel, 60 x 80cm        Purple Roots, Pastel, 75 x 59cm        Tuscan Vista No.1, Pastel, 64 x 90cm        Tuscan Vista No.2, Pastel, 92 x 72cm        Tuscan Vista No.3, Pastel, 46 x 31cm        Tuscan Vista No.4, Pastel, 42 x 50cm



Hot-Air Pooling, Pastel, 43 x 64cm        Tidal Dream, Acrylic & Gouache        Paradise Sunset, Pastel, 43 x 64cm        Mirage, Pastel, 44 x 64cm        Seahorse No.1, No.2, & No.3, Pastel, 20 x 50cm each        Moonlit Shore, Pastel        Turquoise Rose, Oil, 30 x 30cm





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