Venetian Facade No.1, Pastel, 24 x 35cm        Paros Alley, Pastel, 58 x 78cm        Spiti Mou Spitaki Mou (My House My Little House), Pastel, 58 x 78cm        Holy Temple of Agios Spyridon, Lefkes, Pastel, 58 x 78cm        Paros Alley No.2, Pastel, 58 x 78cm        Paros Alley No.3, Pastel, 20 x 34cm        Paros Alley No.4, Pastel, 20 x 34cm



Paros Alley No.5, Pastel, 20 x 34cm        Paros Alley No.6, Pastel, 20 x 28cm        Santorini Vista, Pastel, 28 x 28cm        Kepler Track, NZ, Pastel, 28 x 48cm        Golden Field, Pastel, 24 x 40cm        Auckland Botanical Gardens, Pastel, 70 x 51cm        Dead Tree, Finke Gorge, Pastel, 57 x 105cm



Walpole Inlet, Pastel, 45 x 55cm        Tree Of Solitude (3rd Prize, d'Arcy Doyle Landscape Art Award 2010), Pastel, 55 x 55cm        Outback Gum, Pastel, 32 x 63cm        Old Tree, Muswellbrook, Pastel, 44 x 105cm        Ghost Gum & Devils Marbles, Early Morning Light, Pastel, 47 x 72cm        Ghost Gum & Devils Marbles, Early Morning Light No.2, Pastel, 50 x 65cm        Ghost Gum & Devils Marbles, Sunset, Pastel, 56 x 38cm



Ellery Creek Big Hole, Pastel, 59 x 70cm        Dead Tree, The Olgas, Pastel, 30 x 52cm        Mossman Gorge, Pastel, 75 x 90cm        Cape Byron Lighthouse, Pastel, 48 x 65cm        Cape Byron Lighthouse No.2, Pastel, 32 x 65cm        Cape Byron Lighthouse No.3, Pastel, 63 x 45cm        Old Church, Mt Tamborine, Pastel, 70 x 55cm



Old Church, Mt Tamborine No.2, Pastel, 27 x 32cm        Cannas, Botanical Gardens, Pastel, 57 x 73cm        Glass House Mountains, Pastel, 70 x 25cm        Farming Property, Dayboro, Pastel, 62 x 41cm        Country Farmhouse, Pastel, 50 x 34cm        Up-A-Long And Down-A-Long Street (People's Choice Award - 2nd Prize, Soroptimist International Art Exhibition 2010), Oil, 30 x 40cm        Arched Walking Bridge, South Bank, Pastel, 48 x 33cm



Angourie, South of Yamba, Pastel, 56 x 101cm        Old Farm House, Mt. Vincent, Pastel, 50 x 36cm        Up In Scotland, Pastel, 70 x 25cm        St Marys Church, Port Douglas, Pastel, 19 x 26cm        Palm Valley, Pastel, 39 x 78cm        Old Shed & Tractor, Pastel, 63 x 35cm        Old Shed & Car, Pastel, 46 x 35cm



Beach Pines, Pastel, 30 x 52cm        Boardwalk, Riverside, Pastel, 20 x 27cm        Shady Restspot, Banks Of The Brisbane River No.2, Pastel, 32 x 43cm        Riverside Outlook, Oil, 40 x 30cm        Hell's Gates, Noosa, Pastel, 42 x 30cm        Footprints In The Sand No.3, Gouache, 9 x 9cm        Peregian Pine, Pastel, 44 x 105cm



Daintree Paradise, Pastel, 33 x 45cm        View From Bloody Bridge, Norfolk, Pastel, 16 x 32cm        Story Bridge Triptych, Pastel, 15 x 12cm each



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